An Ambulance Is Just a Phone Call Away. Or Is It?

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Have you ever called for an ambulance? If so, you’re just like me, several of my neighbors, and more than 30 other people who call for an ambulance every day in the South Hills. All of those calls are answered my MRTSA, formally known as Medical Rescue Team South Authority, which serves the following communities:

  • Mt. Lebanon
  • Whitehall
  • Greentree
  • Baldwin
  • Castle Shannon
  • Dormont

How MRTSA Is Funded

MRTSA is only partially funded by the municipalities it serves. Other funding comes from billing insurance companies for ambulance services and the rest is from membership drives and the generosity of residents in the neighborhoods it serves.

What most people don’t know is that because of the way our insurance industry works, MRTSA is actually unable to collect a portion of the money it is owed for transporting and providing care to people who call for an ambulance.

In some situations, insurance companies pay the money directly to the person who was transported — not to MRTSA — and the resident then uses that money for things other than paying their MRTSA bill. This is an unfortunate consequence of the current laws in place at the federal and state levels.

Advocating at the federal and state level for a change in the laws that affect our emergency services is also a good idea.

2022 MRTSA Member Drive

MRTSA is currently holding its 2022 member drive. You can become a member or donate at

Your membership helps support the emergency services and can also be a saving to you if you ever need to call for an ambulance. I just renewed my annual membership for our entire family – the cost was $80 for the year.  

MRTSA is an essential and invaluable service to our community and they need and deserve our support.

Sign up to be a member and support our community EMS:

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