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  • Tech Roadmap Update

    Posted by Craig Grella on November 23, 2021 at 8:50 am

    Just a quick note on the progress to our public roadmap:

    We’ve begun working on the community calendar and directory features of the site and both projects are going according to timeline listed in the public roadmap.

    Community Calendar

    The community calendar will feature a traditional calendar view and a more in-depth list view for community events. Events can be created by any community member, who will also have the ability to monitor and moderate their own events, including RSVP lists and communication with registrants.

    People and Groups that have their own Zoom accounts will be able to hold virtual meetings which can be joined, streamed, and watched by other group members right in their group feed here on We might, in the future, allow paid events like classes and other educational offerings, but that opens the door to issues always present with e-commerce issues, like payments, refunds, etc, and we’ll revisit that at a later date and after more in-depth conversation with community leadership.


    There are several facets to the community directory, including a listing of businesses in Mt. Lebanon, and a community swap feature that allows residents to list items they have on offer to give away, trade, or swap.

    The business directory will feature businesses in Mt. Lebanon and allow the business owners to add information like open hours, menus, the ability to reserve a table or book online, etc. It will be searchable by name, business category, etc. The goal is to provide an outlet for small business owners (both brick and mortar and virtual) to promote their products and services to the community. There is currently no advertising on the site, so don’t expect to see special listings or space given to those who can afford advertising at the expense of those who can’t.

    The business swap will be a listing of items residents have for sale, trade, or give away. It will also allow residents to post things they might be looking for and to allow others to offer that item — again for sale, trade, or for free. To start, the swap will be held on the honor system with parties to the transaction exchanging fees (if any) on their own offline, with the potential for online transactions to occur directly on the site to come later. Again, due to issues inherent with e-commerce platforms, we’ll need to review that option first with leadership.

    If you’d like to influence how the community calendar or directories come together, please reply to this discussion topic and add a comment.


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